As a purpose and value driven brand, we are committed to actively working to reduce our environmental footprint. Pushing boundaries to find innovative solutions to create change by consciously crafting our collections of Designer Laptop Bags for women. 

1. Thoughtful Design

Designing our women's laptop bags with our sustainability ambitions in mind, we can ensure that our products are consciously crafted, minimising our environmental impact. Every time we manufacture our bags we make improvements to extend the life of our bags. We create styles that have timeless and elegant designs that transcend season to season, year after year. The day to night design, and multi purpose nature also means 1 bag can replace the need for 4 which is not only kind on your pocket but also kind on the environment. (Backpack, Travel Bag, Work Bag, Evening Bag)

2. Sustainable Materials 

Our collections feature high-quality and sustainably sourced materials with ambitions to work towards ensuring all key materials are 100% traceable, source 100% certified recycled nylon & polyester and our leather from certified tanneries with environmental, traceability and social compliance certificates. 

3. Caring for our Supply Chain 

We continuously asses human rights risks and labour conditions across our supply chain. We require all suppliers to meet international labour standards and agree to our responsible business principles. Measures including announced and unannounced audits, training and improvement programmes and interviews with people working in our supply chain to help us ensure our suppliers are aligned to our expectations.  

4. Changing Industry use of Water and Chemicals. 

We are mindful of how we use water through our supply chain and prioritise selecting suppliers that facilitate water recycling and water-efficient processes. We prohibit the use and release of unwanted chemicals.  

5. Minimise Waste 

We seek to minimise waste at all stages of our value chain. On the rare occasion we have unsalable goods, we reuse, repurpose, donate or recycle. We counteract overproduction with a sustainable approach to our manufacturing by researching demand with our customers first before producing. We have also have included a range of complimenting accessories made out of the unused leather offcuts to make sure minimal materials are wasted. 

6. Sustainable Packaging 

All Code Republic boxes and bags are either reusable, made from recycled materials and/ or recyclable, including the boxes they are transported in. Eliminating unnecessary single-use plastic packaging is a priority for us

7. Restore and Repair

We know that the enduring quality of CODE REPUBLIC pieces means their appeal and value is long lasting. This along with our mission for a sustainable future has led us to prioritise a restore and repair warranty rather than replacement where they can end up in landfill. 

8. Off Setting our Omissions.

Every shipment results in a certain amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere. The amount of carbon that each shipment releases is calculated, and then carbon offsets are purchased from Grassroots to make the shipment carbon neutral.

Our approach to suitability is continuously being reassessed and improved on as we are creating the next generation of sustainable luxury for our customers.